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We've been working on our blog for almost a year now and we love every minute of it. Writing about exhibitions we visited, or artists we love, already helped us a lot in gaining more knowledge and it trains us to think in a certain way. We look at things differently and are capable of applying our acquired knowledge on every new arty thing we encounter.

© Emma Poorters

We appreciate every single one of you clicking on our page and taking the time to read our thoughts. We figured it was time to introduce ourselves, so you know who the faces behind this blog are. Without further ado, here are some short introductions. 


© Emma Poorters


I’m from Brussels, Born and Bred. My whole life I’ve been connected to arts. My mom doesn’t believe in the regular schooling system so I went to a Steiner school instead. This is a major thing that shaped me into the person I am now.

Because I love art above all other things I decided to go to an art school when I was 15. Then came the moment I had to choose what I was going to do after high school. I didn’t feel as if I found what I really wanted to do with my own art so I decided to study Art Sciences and Archaeology instead. I’m so happy with the choice I made although I miss working with my hands a lot!

I’ve always lived in Brussels and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, I love this bustling city with all its museums, art galleries and artsy events. At the moment I’m interning in one of these galleries.

Where do I see myself in 10 years? I have absolutely no clue but I hope I will still be doing what I love: working surrounded by beautiful art.

© Emma Poorters

I grew up in all sorts of places, we moved houses four times. It's fair to say that I like change. I've lived on the countryside and near a city, but the last three years I've lived on my own in Brussels. I like this city. It's lively and always changing. 

The person I am today is because of all this moving. I am constantly searching for new things, very ambitious and unable to sit still. That's why I decided to work on a blog. 

I didn't grew up with art, it became a part of my life when I was around twelve years old, this is when I decided to go to an art school. Ever since then I became more and more passionate about art. I knew in my last year in high school that I wanted to study Art Science and Archaeology. This is where I am now, finishing up my last year. 

I like stories, so evidently I also like art and books. I like looking at something that satisfies the eye or makes me wonder what the underlying idea is. Accompanied with research and lots of books. 

Our Pursuit of Art helps me develop, gain more knowledge and stimulate the researcher in me. 

© Emma Poorters

I guess after reading my articles, you all noticed that I care a lot about art, science and nature. I'm from Brussels and I study Science of Arts. I'm a freelance concept artist, Illustrator and animator (in process) which makes my days quite busy.

I've always been interested in Art, but there's this two kind of admiration I have for Art. The first is the theoretical side of art and the second the practical side. The theoretical side is the knowledge that sustains in the art history itself, the philosophy of it and most importantly the academic research of it. Therefor, there's the practical side and that involves the techniques and materials that you produce within your own artwork. Since my teenage years I was only interested for the practical side, the ideas I had where quite simple and after that I was getting more involved with the depths of art and life itself. The more knowledge I got, the more concepts I had and that's when I wanted to share my passion with the world. That was the moment when I became full conscious about my artistic abilities and wanted to be an artist or be fully occupied with art itself (in different categories). After that I decided to become a writer on our blog.

Drawing on paper or tablet makes me always calm and peaceful. It is the moment when I fall into an utopia and bring everything in me together. The person I am right now is thanks to my parents, brothers and sister. They've been always supportive, even though they might find my art too dark or pessimistic. 

Thanks to Emma Poorters for the lovely photos. (Her instagram - her facebook - her portfolio )

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