Society6 : Anna Pan and Yuliyu


I like the internet. I like stumbling upon new artists. One of the websites that keeps providing me with new knowledge of contemporary artists is Society6. It's a platform where artists can upload their work and the people at Society6 do all the work for them. They print the work on different kind of mediums, it goes from simple prints to showercurtains, from canvas to pillows and many more things.

It's an interesting concept, it's easy for an artist to focus on their work and not on the financial or administration side of the art-dealing-world.

Since the collection of Society6 has a great amount of artists, it's impossible to list them all. The two artists that are mentioned in this post both draw in a way that I love. Very different use of colours and lines but still two styles which I find outstanding. 

I feel drawn to snapshots of a story. Both Anna Pan and Yuliya their work are fragments of a bigger picture, an underlying story. That's what I like, it makes you wonder and gives you the opportunity to imagine the whole story around that one image.

Anna Pan



I like the fact that there's always an animal present in Yuliya's work. 


If you want to buy any of the prints listed here, I made it easy for you, just click on the title.

There will be more of these in the future, there's a lot of talent on Society6 that needs to be shared.



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