2050 a brief history of the future (Bozar)


I visited the exhibition a few weeks ago and I have to say I got some mixed feelings about it. It sounded very exciting with some great names as Boetti, Gursky, Warhol and Alÿs. But in the end it was just good, not great not bad but kind of average, I hoped for so much more.

So let’s start with a good thing, every room had a theme and with that came a sheet of paper that explained the theme and the works of art that were exposed, at the end you got yourself your own exhibition guide. I love it when an exhibition gives you enough background information, makes everything much more interesting.

Now for something I absolutely didn’t like; the layout of the whole exhibition, it wasn’t very logical and felt a bit messy. But then again maybe that is just me.

The exhibition is based on a book written by Jacques Attali and explores multiple of the social themes studied by Attali. It was curated very well although some of the ‘bigger’ names kinda disappointed me, I mean I was more impressed by some artists I didn’t expect much from. I felt like some of the bigger names were not necessarily needed to achieve what the exhibition was going for.
Now let’s get to the (in my opinion) highlights of the exhibition

The mesmerizing “99 cent II” by Andreas Gursky

World Finance corporation, Miami. 1970 – 79 (4th Version) by Mark Lombardi. Attention, the drawing pictured is another drawing by Lombardi as I was unable to find a good quality picture of the one at the exhibiton, this one is titled ‘George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens c. 1979 – 90 (5th version)

The Feast of Trimalchio by AES+F , here is a link to the complete video (it gets very weird, very quickly. I’ve warned you) 

Stern 09h 35m/-30° by Thomas Ruff

My favourite find is Yang Yongliang and his infinite Landscape

The exhibition runs until the 24th of January 2016. Here's a link to the website. 



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