Testing our knowledge : A little time away


As you may or may not know, we are still students and June is the month of exams. So we'll be quite occupied with the knowledge we need to gain and cram into our little heads.

We can announce that exciting things are coming up in the next few months. So don't forget to come back after this little break. If you don't already, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram  for any updates.

Since this is a blog dedicated to art, it seems only fitting to illustrate the exam period into images. 

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

You want to learn and start of with a great attitude. There's a sense of curiosity, the course material is interesting. 

Edouard John - Auguste Toulmouche

Something personal, is that I can't seem to avoid going to a library. I start to get nosy and start reading several books at the same time. Not everyone does this, but I know I do. Every single time. I just can't keep my hands of the books.

Edward Hopper

A step further in the process is that you try to isolate yourself from everyone and everything. But it doesn't seem to work that well. 

Eliseu Visconti - Ferdinand Hodler

After a while, in my case, you regret what you've done and can't seem to keep all this knowledge in your head. You start to confuse everything you've read and stress kicks in.

Eventually your stress reduces and you start to feel hopeful again. You keep going and your head starts to get heavy. (Beautifully portrayed by Ferdinand Hodler in his selfportrait.)

Jarek Puczel

It's time. The day of the exam arrives and Jarek Puczel illustrates the situation perfectly. Your mother is waking you up to send you to your exam after a long night of studying and falling asleep on your books. (This doesn't happen every time, but occasionally the stress comes back so you decide to not sleep and just keep going.) 

 Joseph Ducreux 

In the end you realise that learning is actually a fun experience. And as Joseph Ducreux portrayed himself, when the exams are over you deserve a good long sleep.

See you again in July! 



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