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Last weekend I went to Art Brussels. I love to stroll through all the galleries even though this year there was less art that really stood out in my opinion. But of course les gouts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas! During my visit I wrote down my favorite galleries or artists that were exhibiting this year.

I’d like to start with a Brussels/Shanghai based gallery Feizi, this gallery started in 2007 in Shanghai and represents contemporary artists from China. In 2012 Feizi opened a second gallery in Brussels.

Tatiana Wolska

Feizi gallery, Tatiana Wolska

The artist that struck me the most at the Feizi gallery is Tatiana Wolska, I just adore her drawings. I love the organic shapes and the weird texture like effect she gets by her fine lines and thicker contouring. Her drawings are simple yet so complex, amazing!

 Frauke Dannaert

Next gallery is Bourouina from Berlin. So this gallery is amazing, it has me written all over it! It’s held by Amel Bourouina and I think that the fact it’s held by a woman reflects on the gallery itself, it was so elegant! This is probably the Gallery I enjoyed most at Art Brussels this year!

The work of Frauke Dannaert was so great, her industrial looking paintings are still delicate and feminine.

When I got home I checked out other artists represented by Bourouina and there are so much others I’d like to share with you, so here are a few.

Bart Domburg, from left to right Tree 12 , Tree 11, Tree 7, Tree 5 and Capital 3

Markus DraperVulkan 2 and Asche

Next up is Dutch Gallery Ron Mandos. I loved the melancholic setting of the gallery, but what I loved even more is how every work of art was so perfectly in harmony with the next one. It formed the most perfect united whole even though different artists were exhibiting.

I hope this picture will help you get an idea of what I tried to explain about the melancholic united whole thing of this gallery.

So first artist I love so much is Anthony Goicolea, I don’t even know where to begin here, his work is so beautiful and magically haunting, can I please live in that Feral Forest??

Anthony Goicolea, Invisible

Anthony Goicolea, Feral forest

Second artist is Katinka Lampe, her portaits are really cool and kinda make me think of Michael Borremans.

Katinka Lampe

Last but not least this strange and captivating work of Hans Op de Beeck.

 Hans op de Beeck

 Hans op de Beeck

If you went to Art Brussels I hope you had a great time just like me and didn’t miss the delicious Ellis Burgers ;) Let us know which artwork, artist or gallery you liked the most! If you didn’t go to Art Brussels, you should definitely go take a look next year and emerge into a world of art, music, good food and wine.



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