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I'd like to introduce the work of Daniel Jamie Williams. I've been following his work for a while now. And I can say that he is most definitely one to watch. It's hard for an artist to create their own style, but he did it. He has his own unique and recognizable style, which I admire. 

Could you introduce yourself in a few words, for those people who don’t know you yet?
Okay, well, my name's Daniel – I'm a London-based freelance illustrator. I work by combining traditional and digital methods – mostly pencil and software. I also make my own zines and prints.

Where did your interest for art come from?
I think it just came from being very young and finding drawing with crayons very fun. I used to draw a lot and make up characters and comics and stories but never really thought about it as a skill, just something fun. When I got older I got into other artists' work and began to focus on style and creating actual finished pieces.

Which artists do you look up to?

My favourite artist is Egon Schiele, his work's always inspired me since I first saw it. There's loads of artists and illustrators now I love too such as Pat Perry, Raymond Lemstra, Simon Prades, Rebecca Green etc. I love to follow lots of artists on social media so I'm always able to look at new art.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?
I'm mostly inspired by people's actions, emotions and connections as well as being heavily inspired by music and lyrics. I like to sketch and see where it takes me.

Ideas seem to come to me at odd or inconvenient times – like when trying to sleep.

What materials do you prefer to work with?
Pencils are my absolute must-have but I sometimes add paint, pastels, fineliners and such. I usually scan in my work and edit and colour it digitally – over the last year or two I've combined pencil drawing with digital drawing to create my work. Sometimes I animate and work on 3D pieces.

Could you talk us through the process of starting a new work?
Mostly it comes from having an idea – from a sudden moment of inspiration or a sketch I did and liked enough to expand on. I often don't plan out what I'm going to draw onto paper but when I do I create a rough digital drawing as a guide and then go over it with pencil.
If it's a zine it takes a lot more planning – I'll make a mock-up version and write and draw all over it.

I'm a messy worker really.

What’s your goal with your art?
I hope to keep making the art I love and meeting new people and working on new projects. I'd like to have my work printed and published in an array of places. Ultimately it's just to keep creating and learning and progressing with my personal work.

And last question, what do you expect from the future?
I'm not really sure what to expect – it's still very early days for me. It's an unpredictable career so I like to focus on making and working hard now with the hope that that will lead me to exciting things later on!

Series 'We lonesome creatures'

For those of you who are interested in owning one of his work and supporting him, you can visit his shop here.

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