Museum Night Fever


I wanted to talk about Museum Night Fever, an annual event where all the museums stay open until 1 am. I love it! Brussels is buzzling, bars are set up, foodtrucks everywhere, and people on the streets everywhere. There’s just one thing, every year I make up a list of museums I’d like to see to make sure I get to see them and each year I end up seeing one exhibition, maybe two if I’m lucky. My typical museum night goes like this; first I get some drinks, secondly I get hungry because I’ve been drinking and need to get food asap, finally I realize it’s getting really late and I should go look at some art. So now I’d like to share some impressions of my night.

Note: I thought about taking pictures and remember quotes that were said while watching the art, on the other hand I have not remembered a single artist. You are welcome :)

"Nez cassé ou de naissance?"

Sadly we were not allowed to take pictures during our visit to Bozar, these are a few of the exhibition Faces then / Faces now. (For those who are interested, you can visit the website here)

Last but not least, some of the wonderful things exhibited at the Cinematek



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